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HEALiX Glow Light Pod Red Light Therapy

HEALiX Glow Light Pod Red Light Therapy

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Illuminate Your Wellness with HEALiX Glow

Unveil the compact, portable, and affordable HEALiX Glow Light, revolutionizing wellness with enhanced cellular function, boosted athletic performance, radiant skin health, and relief from chronic pain and inflammation - no need for a cumbersome, space-consuming red light bed!

  • Harnessing 660nm Red Light and 850nm Near Infrared, the Glow taps into scientifically-backed therapeutic wavelengths, delivering an invigorating effect often felt even after just one session.
  • Experience the gentle warmth of Near Infrared, creating a soothing, rejuvenating ambiance for ultimate relaxation.
  • Embrace the booming trend of Red Light therapy, boasting myriad benefits and minimal negative effects for users.


  • Ultimate Recovery: Amplify ATP production, swiftly revitalizing your cells for accelerated recuperation and heightened energy levels.
  • Relieve Chronic Pain: Heighten pain thresholds and diminish pain sensitivity, offering relief for various conditions.
  • Boost Fat Metabolism: Strengthen your body's capacity to break down and utilize fat cells efficiently, aiding in weight management.
  • Rejuvenate Skin: Combat fine lines by reversing collagen decline, supporting elastin and collagen production, and enhancing skin hydration for a youthful appearance.
  • Elevate Performance: Increase muscle mass, mitigate inflammation, and enhance muscle endurance for improved physical performance.
  • Reduce Inflammation: Combat surface-level inflammation with red light therapy and target deeper inflammation within muscles, organs, and joints using near-infrared technology.

Step into the world of wellness anew with HEALiX Glow - your gateway to a revitalized lifestyle!


Size: 71” x 32”x 12"
Weight: 18lbs
Power: Voltage 24V. Wattage 350W
Irradiance: 100 mw/cm2 at surface
Bulbs: 2680 LED Bulbs
LEDs: 8040 LED Chips (3 per bulb)
EMF: O micro tesla at surface
Red Light: 660nm
Near Infrared Light: 850nm


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HEALiX Glow Light Pod comes with a one-year warranty for commercial use or two-year warranty for personal use. If you receive a product and it is not functioning properly, we will quickly provide you with a replacement 100% FREE.

Please contact to initiate a warranty claim.

Warranty does not cover malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, or use with equipment with which it is not intended to be used. Units should not be run for longer than 60-minute intervals without proper time to cool off. It doesn’t cover cosmetic, typical wear and tear, or incidental damages. Also, the warranty will not apply to damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modification or repair of the product.

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  • Detoxification

    Sauna blanket therapy aids in the excretion of toxins through sweat. The skin is the body’s largest detoxification organ.

  • Burn Extra Calories

    Integrating the use of sauna blanket into your health routine can produce great results in your weight loss journey. The body’s metabolic rate and heart rate increase with heat which then results in increased calorie burn.

  • Sleep & Relaxation

    A sauna blanket session prior to bedtime encourages a restful and deep sleep. The high heat raises the body’s temperature promoting muscle relaxation and sleep-inducing response.

  • Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

    Therapy with infrared heat helps reduce aches and pains. It penetrates deep into the muscles and joints to release tension. The heat results in reduced swelling and inflammation. This helps increase blood flow to promote faster healing of muscles and pain alleviation.

  • Boost Mood and Relieve Stress

    The high heat from infrared saunas triggers the production of the natural antidepressants of our nervous system. These natural antidepressants help lower the cortisol level in the body, the chemical responsible for stress and tension.

  • Glowing Skin

    Sauna blanket enhances skin health by inducing sweat. Sweating is beneficial to the skin as it helps clear out pores and helps the body to purge excess oil and toxins.